5 books to overcome procrastination in 2023

5 books to overcome procrastination in 2023

Most people procrastinate occasionally. Quite often on extremely important matters. The distinction between true procrastination and the occasional "slip-up" rests somewhere between the frequency of procrastination and the importance of the task at hand.

This article lists 5 books on procrastination. These books will explain what procrastination is . They will also show you how to overcome procrastination to get more accomplished in less time.

Eat that frog by brian tracy

Eat that Frog is one of the latest procrastination masterpieces.

"Eating your Frog" means completing your Most Important Tasks during the day rather than attempting to complete everything on your to-do list.

This is based on an old saying that says if you eat a live frog first thing in the morning, you can start the day knowing that the worst is over and you can move on.

Solving the Procrastination Puzzle by Timothy A. Pychyl

This book is an easy and entertaining way to learn some practical tips for implementing a positive change, with humor scattered all around. One of the best aspects of this book is that it is a quick and easy read, which is beneficial for people who want to learn how to stop procrastinating in the first place.

Another advantage is that it explains the cognitive and behavioral biases that underpin the procrastination habit. While it may lack specifics, it provides a good overview and guide for entrepreneurs, students, parents, or anyone who wants to stop putting off work and start living a more productive life.

The Now Habit by Neil A. Fiore

The Now Habit is a book that acknowledges that work is something you must complete and then abandon. The main point of the book is to understand the difference between tasks that must be completed and those that do not.

Remove non-essential tasks. Get the important stuff done first, then move on to the fun stuff.

It is as much about reducing stress and anxiety from day-to-day tasks as it is about providing you with a plan to reduce procrastination.

Dr. Fiore wants you to take the perfect out of perfectionism by realizing that good enough is good enough and moving on.

No Excuses! by Brian Tracy

Most people think success comes from good luck or enormous talent, but many successful people achieve their accomplishments in a simpler way: through self-discipline.

No Excuses! shows you how you can achieve success in all three major areas of your life, including your personal goals, business and money goals, and overall happiness.

Each of the 21 chapters in this book shows you how to be more disciplined in one aspect of your life, with end-of-chapter exercises to help you apply the "no excuses" approach to your own life. With these guidelines, you can learn how to be more successful in everything you do--instead of wistfully envying others you think are just "luckier" than you.

A little self-discipline goes a long way...so stop making excuses and read this book!

Procrastinate on Purpose by Rory Vaden

Rory Vaden (Take the Stairs) brings his high-energy approach and can-do spirit to the most nagging problem in our professional lives: stalled productivity. Whether we're overworked, organizationally challenged, or have a motivation issue that's holding us back, millions of us are struggling to get things done.

In this simple yet powerful new book, Procrastinate on Purpose, Vaden presents the five permissions that set us free to do our best work - on time and without wasting energy battling stress and anxiety.

Using the POP model, readers will learn to:

  • Eliminate
  • Automate
  • Delegate
  • Consolidate
  • Procrastinate (yes, you heard that right)

Anyone seeking to up their game, do meaningful work, and ditch the stress of looming deadlines and too many tasks on the front burner will embrace this smart, insightful guide.

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