Who are we?

Books On Demand Morocco started in 2019 with a pick-up truck of Fiction High Quality Printed On Demand books stashed in a storage unit, listing books solely on Instagram. Our first books sold were A Song of Ice and Fire a series of epic fantasy novels by the American novelist and screenwriter George R. R. Martin.
Over the years, we've added online regional processing centers across the country and tens of employees. Throughout this time, we also built our processes to make, grade, and distribute Books On Demand.
Today we are the Morocco's online independent books on demand book seller, operating with state-of-the-art automation and advanced analytics in a safety-first environment. Our primary customer web and mobile destination is our brand home, Booksondemand.ma. We also continue to sell on Instagram through our account where book lovers gather. We hand-grade every book in our inventory and offer books in a variety of formats and conditions for our customers. We pride ourselves on our wide assortment of quality made, accurately graded books provided to our customers at everyday low prices.
Our partnerships extend into communities across the country. Books On Demand.ma is founded on the belief that pushing forward together, with a shared vision, is what sparks creativity and drives change. many of you purchased incredible books that could set YOUR life for the better. We helped many to access helpful books on different topics (Business, Marketing, Leadership, Self Help, Classics, Novels..) and It's our purpose to bring you and your favorite books together it’s our purpose to support you to do amazing work. Like you’ve been there for us since day one.
We believe in books and the power of the written word to impact lives and societies across the country, and we cherish our role in saving books to live another day to educate, entertain, inspire, and transform lives.