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Customize your 8 Book Bundle

Customize your 8 Book Bundle

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Explore our wide range of books and pick out 8 that catch your eye to create a bundle that's perfect for you. Mix and match different types of books to make your collection unique. Plus, get a great half-price discount on your custom bundle.

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Discover our new experience of personalization with our Customize Your Bundle feature. Select 8 books from our diverse collection in our website, tailored to your preferences. Whether your interests lie in fiction, history, poetry, or beyond, our curated selection ensures there's something for every reader.

Take advantage of our bundle purchase option to enjoy substantial savings, making it the ideal choice for discerning book enthusiasts like yourself. As a bookstore on demand, we're dedicated to meeting your literary needs promptly. Simply inform us of the titles you desire, and we'll reserve them for you. Our confirmation team will then reach out to verify your selected books and confirm your order prior to shipment, ensuring a straightforward and customized process from start to finish.

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What's the Custom Bundle feature?

The Customize Your Bundle feature at Books on Demand Morocco allows you to personalize your book-buying experience like never before. With this feature, you have the flexibility to select eight books of your choice from our extensive collection and create a custom bundle. Whether you're into fiction, non-fiction, poetry, or any other genre, you can mix and match titles to curate a bundle that perfectly suits your reading preferences. Once you've chosen your books, you'll enjoy a fantastic half-price discount on your custom bundle. It's our way of providing you with a tailored and affordable reading experience that reflects your unique tastes.

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Choose Your Favorites and Save Big

Handpick 8 titles from our extensive collection, tailored to your preferences, and enjoy an unbeatable price that stands as the benchmark across Morocco. Elevate your reading experience with the finest books and the most compelling offer available. Customize Your Bundle today and embark on a personalized journey through the world of literature, exclusively with us.

  • With this deal, every book in your custom bundle comes at an unbeatable half price. Get 8 books for only 459DH instead of 718DH! Don't miss out on this massive discount.

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More About Us 🏠

We're here to cater to your reading desires. Just let us know the book you want, and we'll make it available for you. Our goal is to ensure your complete satisfaction. We're not just an ordinary bookstore; we're like family for book lovers. ❀️

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    Payment is only processed upon receipt of your order and confirmation of its quality.

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    Let us know your desired title, and we will fulfill your request with our On-Demand Services.

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    We have a dedicated 24/7 team, available to address any inquiries you may have.

Save on bundles 🏷️

We create these bundles with the help of our algorithms, considering their compatibility and what our readers generally like. When you buy a bundle, you not only receive a collection of gifts but also save 60% compared to buying the books individually at their regular prices.

Discover over 500 carefully selected book bundles in our store, each at a discounted price. We aim to have something for everyone, ensuring you find the right books when you need them. Our goal is to build a community of readers and future leaders.

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