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Takehiko Inoué

Vagabond, Volume 4

Vagabond, Volume 4

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In feudal Japan, a young man sets out on a spiritual journey by the way of the sword, prepared to slay anyone who might get in his way. In this volume, in the aftermath of the chaos than Musashik caused at the Yoshioka School, Gion Toji vows to avenge the school's honor. Meanwhile, Mushashi reluctantly picks up a wild young disciple and together they set out for Nara where and martial art experts abound. Musashi is torn between his feelings for Otsu and his devotion to his spiritual path. Then an eccentric old man provides him with a glimpse into the nature of true strength.

Chapter Titles

Chapter 032. "Wanderers" (放浪者たち)
Chapter 033. "Departures" (旅立ち)
Chapter 034. "Departures II" (旅立ち2)
Chapter 035. "Distraction" (とらわれ)
Chapter 036. "Hozoin" (宝蔵院)
Chapter 037. "Bloodthirst" (殺気)
Chapter 038. "Graceless" (不細工)
Chapter 039. "Inshun" (胤舜)
Chapter 040. "Agon" (阿厳)
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